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How to Take Care of Your Teeth After Halloween
Posted on 10/27/2017
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How to Take Care of Your Teeth After Halloween

halloweenFor many people, Halloween is a holiday dream, though for a person’s teeth, it can be an absolute nightmare! Obviously, this is due to one reason and one reason alone: the excessive amounts of candy! We at Fidel Dental Group don’t want to see your beautiful teeth succumb to these sugary snacks, which is why as your affordable dentist in Washington DC and Arlington, VA, we’ll be glad to provide you with a few important tips on how to take care of your teeth during this time period where they’re so susceptible.

Don’t Overdo It!

Let’s be honest here – this tip is almost never adhered to. During Halloween, with a massive amount of candy readily available, all a child or a teenager…or even an adult…will want to do is see how many of the delectable delights that he or she can devour before collapsing, throwing up, throwing up and then collapsing, or collapsing and then throwing up. This isn’t a very good idea for your teeth, your body, your home, and pretty much anyone and anything involved in the situation. Try to keep your habits under control and limit yourself to just one or two pieces of candy a day. And that leads us to…

Make Sure to Brush Afterward

Because we know that completely avoiding Halloween candy is something that most people would never do (and we don’t blame them!), you should just put an emphasis on brushing your teeth afterward. Most candies are loaded with sugars, which you’re probably aware of as being bad for your teeth. While the sugar itself won’t damage your teeth, oral bacteria will feed on the sugar and create acid that can destroy your tooth enamel. By brushing your teeth clean of sugar and bacteria, you’ll be able to help fight against tooth decay that can occur from eating candy.

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