Dental Implants


As a dental practice that offers a broad range of dental services, the doctors at Fidel Dental Group are proud to provide numerous Arlington & Washington DC cosmetic dentistry procedures & treatments to the patients we serve. Many of the patients we see visit us for dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants provide patients with many benefits as these tooth replacements look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Why Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

 Dental Implant.

Without question, dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant helps preserve the underlying bone which naturally deteriorates when a tooth is lost. A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement that consists of a small post made of titanium that takes the place of the missing tooth root. Once this post is surgically implanted into the bone and allowed to heal for a period of months, a very realistic, custom-made tooth top or crown is attached to the post to complete the procedure. Dental implants have a success rate of over 95%, which is much higher than other tooth replacement options. 

When Dental Implants Can Be Used 

Dental implants can be used in several ways to replace missing teeth including: 

Dental Implants Replace One Tooth.To Replace a Single Tooth – Often times, the best option for replacing a single lost tooth is a dental implant. This tooth replacement option has the highest success rate, making it the best long-term investment. This is because the implant will never decay to require any costly treatment, plus the tooth will look and feel just like a healthy natural tooth.


Dental Implants Replace Multiple Teeth.To Replace Several Teeth – For patients who are missing several teeth, dental implants provide the ideal replacement solution. It is not even necessary to have one implant for each missing tooth. Instead, dental implants can serve as supports for fixed bridgework. For example, if there are three teeth missing in a row, two implants can be placed on either side of the missing space with a crown being used in between which has no implant under it. This way, none of the remaining natural teeth will be used as bridge support which can weaken them and make them more prone to decay. 


Dental Implants Replace All Teeth.To Replace all the Teeth –  Implants can be used to support an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth. Sometimes as few as four dental implants are needed to support the new teeth which is comparable to the structure of a table which needs just four legs to hold it up. In patients whose jawbone density and volume has deteriorated, 5 or 6 implants may be necessary to support a row of 10 to 12 teeth.


Dental Implants Support Removable Dentures.To Support Removable Dentures – Dental implants can make removable dentures more effective, comfortable and healthier to wear. When replaceable dentures are worn, the dentures rest on the gums to cause slippage and shrinkage of the jaws and more so on the bottom. But a removable denture can be placed onto dental implants to transfer that pressure into the bone structure rather than the bone surface to prevent slippage when talking & eating and to preserve the underlying bone.


Taking Care of Your Dental Implants 

Poor oral hygiene and excessive biting forces are the only two ways a dental implant can loosen. This is why it's very important to practice excellent oral hygiene and not to grind or clench your teeth. Patients who have a habit of grinding or clenching their teeth can be fitted for a nightguard that helps protect their implants. Taking good care of your implants is easy as you just need to do a great job of regularly brushing & flossing your teeth and visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings.

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